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In the Steps of Folly Cove @ UVM

Posted on: Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Detail of In The Steps of Folly Cove at the Francis Colburn Gallery, University of Vermont

block printing test for In the Steps of Folly Cove at Russell Janis

Congratulations to artist/curator/printmaker, Janis Stemmerman (also the creative director of Russell Janis Project Space in Brooklyn) for the recent opening of 'In the Steps of Folly Cove' at the Francis Colburn Gallery, University of Vermont. This print invitational exhibition was first shown at Russell Janis in 2017, and an accompanying catalogue (available here) describes the story of the original Folly Cove Designers and their mission as a collective.

The Folly Cove Designers (1941-1969), one of America’s longest-running artist collectives, was the product of a 1938 exchange between neighbors in Folly Cove, in Gloucester, Mass. Renowned children’s book author and illustrator Virginia Lee Burton Demetrios (of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel fame) traded design lessons in exchange for violin lessons for her sons, leading community- wide design classes and eventually the formation of the eponymous, juried block print guild. The group was propelled to International fame through commercial contracts with major retailers, articles in LIFE Magazine and participation in seminal craft exhibitions.

printed panels installed at Russell Janis project space in 2017

It was such a learning experience for me to participate in the printing of the panels created for the original as well as this current exhibition. My carved linoleum block appears above and was then repeat printed on Belgian linen (below) at the Russell Janis atelier.

In the Steps of Folly Cove @ UVM is on view through October 25, 2019

Enviro Art Books as Micro Ecologies

Posted on: Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A recent entry in my Medium journal on 'Enviro Art books as Micro Ecologies',  featuring curatorial notes on the book as systems within the ecological realm. Archived materials from 2009 re-formatted for 2019.

Prairie Editions | 2019

Posted on: Monday, August 19, 2019

woven palm raffia vessel by Monica Hofstadter | ph. Abigail Doan at The Jennings Hotel
[ a Lost in Fiber editions collaboration + commission ]

Several months have passed since my May artist residency at The Jennings Hotel in Joseph, Oregon, but the slower summer tempo has allowed for some reflection on my time out west and the documentation of materials and project ideas leading up to my stay and the days thereafter.

fusing ideas + materials for the prairie vessel and Walking Libraries artifacts

Walking Libraries artifacts documented in room 4 at The Jennings Hotel

My idea to commission the above prairie vessel from Brooklyn artist/designer, Monica Hofstadter, proved to be an ideal way to further my Walking Libraries investigations.

Monica offered brilliant ideas re: the creation of a hand-woven vessel (wearable art object) that was to help me store gathered materials while out on the prairie or visiting ghost towns.

The prairie vessel at rest in the 'living ghost town' of Flora, Oregon

We looked closely at tule mat weavings and cordage methods, storage vessels and baskets from native traditions in the region, as well as delving into Monica's previous collections and designs highlighting tactile experiments and soft forms. Our final solution for this edition was a distillation of/homage to these sources, and also the embodiment of a dialogue between creatives and places.

Abigail Doan | residency workspace at The Jennings Hotel

This sort of project really encompasses what my own studio practice has become. I like the idea of unique editions that refer to site-specific ideas and strategies – with the possibility that the work often becomes stronger in collaborative contexts.


For more information on Monica Hofstadter's work, visit her website and Instagram

Lost in Fiber | editions will be sharing more details regarding past and future projects soon. 

In the interim, you can follow along via Instagram here

Prairie Editions 2019 is the latest art/design project by Abigail Doan studio.

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