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Fruits and Papyrus To Go

Posted on: Thursday, May 18, 2006

image: red radish (unpeeled), handpressed paper

During a recent trip to Los Angeles, I made a pilgrimage to my favorite handmade paper supplier at the Bergamot Art Station. Hiromi Paper International, Inc. is a mecca for papermakers, bookmakers, printers, conservators, and lovers of all things naturally illuminated and tactile. This fluttering garden of flattened fibers is a treasure trove of handmade Japanese papers ('washi', in particular), decorative papers from around the world, as well as pre-sized sheets of Japanese papers for digital printing. I am particularly fond of their German fruit and papyrus sheets. Each hand cut sheet includes seasonal fruits and vegetables that are pressed to allow for the removal of moisture from the very inspiring vegetable matter. The result is a thin slice of cellular salad that is useful for collage, fruity letter writing, or simply hanging as a manuscript of organic wonder. Who would have thought that recycling from the garden might allow us the opportunity to peel away layers of the soul as well?
image: carrot (peeled), handpressed paper

For more information on Hiromi Paper and their online store, go to


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