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Green Art Thumbs

Posted on: Friday, June 23, 2006

The people - plant dynamic is in full bloom at Wavehill currently. An exhibit called, Garden Improvement, explores the spirit of invention in DIY indoor - outdoor green thumb, gardening experiments. Some are practical, some are fanciful, some are even sustainable, as in solar powered lawn mowers and fountains.

I was particularly drawn, via my nose, to Laure Drogoul's Scentorium, a parlor-like installation using fragrant flora and herbs from Wavehill's grounds. The laboratory contains dried, bottled, and preserved specimens that are part of Drogoul's ongoing "olfactory factory" project.

At the other end of the 'water-can-do' spectrum are the chlorophyll-scented plant sculptures of Philip Ross. Roundabout, a "bunker-like" circular container, hovers in the center of the Glyndor House Gallery like a spaceship of green thumb bravado. Ross, based in San Francisco, typically uses live plants, fungi, and even colonized oysters in his organic sculptures.

For more information on Wavehill Gardens, go to

Laure Drogoul’s work can be viewed at
Philip Ross’s work can be viewed at


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