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Topophilia and Seed Sanctioning

Posted on: Thursday, June 15, 2006

Seed Battalion (Abigail Doan, 2004)

As follow up to 'Seeds and Stones of Paradise' (see June 4, 2006 entry), I was interested to come across this posting on Topophilia, a landscape-architecture blog whose small gang of editors describe topophilia as being "an abnormal attraction to place - a tendency towards place."

The Axis of Art: "In a startling development sure to raise suspicion at the highest levels of the US government, artist Abigail Doan is exporting raw materials to Iran which, if assembled properly, are capable of producing high-grade land art. How long can she continue with this art enrichment program before facing sanctions?" (see

My seed projects and site-specific installations might now be classified as a threat to homeland security and data dispersal. One might ask, which came first - the seed, the search, the dispersal? Can we truly contain ourselves when the internet inherently allows for an abnormal fascination with places and zones that are both geographically and politically off-limits? Should I now be concerned that the ideas that I cultivate with individuals abroad might be deemed un-American or even a dismissal of the mission at hand?

Federgras (feathergrass) of the Russian steppes whose seeds are carried long distances on the wind.

The winds of change sometimes roar and sometimes whisper carrying seeds over the most impenetrable of barriers.


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