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Arcology | Soleri's System(s)

Posted on: Monday, October 23, 2006

Paolo Soleri | 'cosmological bubble diagram'

Paolo Soleri received the Cooper-Hewitt's National Design Museum Lifetime Achievement Award this past week. Soleri has crafted his entire life and body of work around research related to arcology.

Arcosanti, Soleri’s design laboratory in Arizona’s high desert, is no longer a concept of the past or the marginalized undertaking of one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s visionary students. The principals of arcology are now taking root in graduate design schools and studios. At his lecture at Parsons Architecture and Design School last Friday evening, Soleri clarified his thinking on this front and stated openly, 'the practical is often the opposite of the real.'

Soleri views most architects to be orchid makers, designers focused on crafting gorgeous stand-alone structures that are completely inefficient when it comes to the community as a whole. He encourages us to consider having our (present + future) energy systems collaborate with the morphology of the built system.

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