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The Good Blair Witch Finds Her Coven - Rants and Raves for Friday the 13th

Posted on: Friday, October 13, 2006

Tsia Carson’s Craftivity: 40 Projects for the DIY Lifestyle was released this week – just in time for Halloween projects and the long winter days and nights ahead.

Want to learn how to crochet a skull? Upholster a lone tree stump? Brew up some marbleized paper in a churning tidal pool?

My fiber–crochet-vegetation work is featured in Craftivity as one of several 'inspirational showcase’ projects. I am kindly referred to as The Good Blair Witch – a rather apropos tagline.

All of this timely-craft-hysteria got me thinking about my recent residency at THE LAND and my ritualized daily activity and the eco-spells that I attempted to cast on unsuspecting objects at the site.

Who or what exactly was I trying to bewitch? Was I channeling something? Was my fascination with the ‘aesthetics of connectivity’ also an attempt to transport myself to the other side? Did nature even give a hoot?

I recently came across this late 19th century photographic image of "The Medium Eva C. with a luminous apparition between her hands." It reminded me of my first exploratory day at THE LAND and my phantasmagoric attempts to weave wool roving through the locks of tall grasses and desert vegetation. This new thread of investigation led me to witch’s hair (alectoria sarmentosa), a Northwest lichen frequently used by traditional cultures to create bandages, baby diapers, and even ponchos and footwear.

Who’s to say that the supernatural does not exist in one’s own backyard? Up one’s craftily embroidered sleeve, or in the company of a virtual craft-coven?

Craftivity, the book and its editor, will make you feel as if you have the resources to be connected in ways that you never imagined. Tsia emphasizes in her heartfelt introduction that we tend to craft “because we can” not necessarily because we know the formula or have the ultimate recipe.

Craftivity: 40 Projects for the DIY Lifestyle (Harper Collins Publisher) and all the frighteningly cool contributor projects within, is available from

Tsia Carson is also the editor and founder of

Important to mention that the hand-dyed wool roving and some of the handspun fibers that I used during my residency at THE LAND were created by Tamara Lepianka at Houndscroft Farm in Glendale, Kentucky. I love that Tamara’s exquisite work reflects her art-farm-life so darn seamlessly.

Go to to see Tamara’s offerings and to sign up for her newsletter.

Many thanks also to my fiber artist/handspinner mother, Abigail McEnroe, who was home-brewing goldenrod and lichen dye vats for her handspuns long before I could say, “Wow, that’s hot.”


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