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Return to and from THE LAND

Posted on: Sunday, October 01, 2006

THE LAND/an art site, located near Mountainair, New Mexico, is approximately eighty miles southeast of Albuquerque in the pinon and juniper-scented foothills of the Manzano Mountains. As an invited artist-in-residence, I completely immersed myself for seven days in an attempt to interpret and decode the complex environmental and aesthetic qualities of the site. Forty acres is a vast data-land-base when surveying desert terrain for just one week under the shifting weather canopy of the central New Mexican skies.

I arrived in Mountainair during the last week of September after a summer of considerable rain and pervasive moisture. The color of the vegetation was unusually brilliant and spiked with accents that animated the terrain and groundcover at every conceivable bend.

Though I was offline and out of range with no signal at the site, I felt instantly connected to a wealth of unanswered messages that seemed to be waiting for me upon arrival. The atmosphere at THE LAND is charged with opportunities for observation and dialogue that stem partly from one’s being completely immersed while also being suspended in a zone that slows one’s internal rhythms and response time.

Perforations in the atmosphere, be they sound, light, soil, or wind-generated, allow for a steady stream of events that surround and wire you in a way that networks or enclosures in the outside world do not.

Tumbleweed fibers create a winding path, an untraceable method for bundling and storing your restless thoughts and desires.

Connectivity might ultimately be the silent portal that one creates as a method of seamless interface and simultaneous perception.

As the week rolled on I came to believe that being ‘nowhere’ might ultimately allow for being 'everywhere' at once. A declaration perhaps to the importance of sensing more and being less in an environment that offers genuine intimacy and the opportunity to redraw one's shadows in the shape of something more communicative and boundaryless in signal.


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