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Ancient Future's Tracks in the Sand

Posted on: Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Iranian artist friend Dr. Ahmad Nadalian and his students recently sent me images from the first annual Environmental Arts Festival on the coast of Bandar Abbass, Hormoz, and the Shykh Andar Abi islands in the Persian Gulf region. Students are students everywhere - and art is a medium that crosses all borders and boundaries. Environmental art can be about preserving traditions as much as it also encompasses concerns about the future of conservation and ecological injustices.

Ahmad Nadalian's carved cylinder seals awaken one to the rich lineage of Persian art making. We are reanimated with the images created by his hand-carved cylinder seals as they are rolled out on the sands, along the oceans and coastlines that we all share globally.

One wants to follow the path of these ancient animations and fish symbols to see where they might lead us. Collaboration with indigenous local materials such as these is empowering in ways that redefine creative, "super-power" and our notions of a global paradise.

For information on collaborative works created at this year's Environmental Arts Festival of the Persian Gulf, go to

All of the above images are courtesy of Dr. Ahmad Nadalian


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