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Hanging on the Wall of Life

Posted on: Thursday, March 01, 2007

I am currently preoccupied with (addicted to) the site,, a virtual pin-up wall of all things life-affirming and edgy. Their tagline "for your ideas + aesthetics + amusement" might seem gratuitous to some, but there is something quite mesmerizing about the way that these user-posted images magically create connections with one another. It is a quirky, pixelated testimony to the interconnectedness of life and (free) form.

And in the spirit of wall-surfing, my husband and I recently paid our respects to the 'Wall of Life' in the Biodiversity Hall at the American Museum of Natural History. What an incredible remake of this once dusty museum cavern of radiolariae, dessicated fish, and pickled invertebrates in jars. The layering of flora and fauna species and the pulsating web that radiates off of the installation wall is both entangling and captivating. If only Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka could see how we are beginning to put together and monitor the floating pieces of our planetary eco-puzzle.

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