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Project Highlight | Walking Libraries

Design Stories | The Studio Craft Movement

Posted on: Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently showing One of a Kind: The Studio Craft Movement featuring curated craft pieces on view in the museum's Modern Architecture and Design Gallery now through September 3, 2007. 

'The studio craft movement developed in the United States during the post–World War II years. By the 1970s in both Europe and the United States, a shifting political climate and an "anything goes" art scene encouraged a new freedom of artistic expression.'

Select pieces from the exhibit include fiber works by Sheila Hicks and Norma Minkowitz and glazed earthenware by Tony Marsh.

Sheila Hicks, "Linen Lean-To" (1967-68), linen

Norma Minkowitz, "Boundary" (1989), fiber, paint, pencil, shellac

Tony Marsh, "Trilobed Vessel and Contents" (2002), glazed earthenware

Early Morning at Linari

Posted on: Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Given that my husband Ludmil and I have not been able to travel to Italy yet this summer due to our pregnancy with twins, I have been revisting archived photos of our early morning walks around Linari's fields and hillsides.

It is truly remarkable how industrious the spiders and insects are at dawn as they weave, knit, and drape the most elaborate canopies over the dew-laced vegetation.

The microcosmic seems to take precedence over the sweeping views of familiar hillsides. I like this other lense with which to process the classic Tuscan landscape. It speaks more to the craft and sustenance of place rather than to the painterly, light soaked scenes we often associate with this part of Italy.

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