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Bleu Nature: Bringing The Beach Home

Posted on: Sunday, September 02, 2007

As Labor Day approaches we all grasp for ways to bring the best of the beach home with us via sea glass stored in jars, seashells artfully arranged on an urban window sill, or a stubborn refusal to remove sand from the shoes that we reluctantly place back in our closets. If one has the home design budget, Bleu Nature’s Crusoe Collection, ad-hoc furniture pieces composed of driftwood collected from the beaches of France’s northern shores, might be a way to keep the waves lapping at your door all year round.

Frank Lefebvre founded Bleu Nature in 1995 and describes his as being a craft-based business whose principal materials consist of driftwood, with the complementary use of hemp, pebbles, stones and flat rocks, raw linen, boiled wool, leather, skins, teak, slate and petrified wood. The gathered wood does not need to be treated in any way, as it is naturally preserved by the tossing and turning of the ocean’s salty brew. Atelier artisans fasten and compose the castaway pieces into one-of-a-kind furniture designs for one’s own private island. It’s hard to believe that our global coastlines are sprinkled with so many unclaimed pieces of anchorless wood expressively whittled and shaped by nature.


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