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Layers/Lairs of Summer

Posted on: Monday, August 06, 2007

Bad Planet (2006)
foam, epoxy, lacquer, oil, stainless steel

August in NYC is a quiet time for gallery touring. The lazy days of summer transform hyped up places like Chelsea into a breezier, more casual zone for seeing and not being seen. I recently visited James Cohan Gallery and Robert Miller Gallery to brush up on a few summer shows that merited venturing out while pregnant and still able to amble.

Roxy Paine's Bad Planet (pictured above, at James Cohan) seemed rather apropos for a day that threatened high temperatures and ongoing signs of pending climate change. Paine's planetary sphere reminded me of a coveted orb created by a dung beetle or an equally industrious insect.

Bay Circle (1998)
78 stones

Equally haunting and arid in texture and form was Richard Long's installation piece, Bay Circle (pictured above, also at James Cohan). It was a druid-like gesture in the midst of a polished, blue-chip gallery venue.

Dustin Yellin's Suspended Animations at Robert Miller Gallery were mind-boggling in their fabricated simulation of organic forms trapped in amber, or resin layers in this instance. Yellin achieves this suspension by coating as many as two hundred acrylic or India ink drawings in precisely oriented layers of overlapped resin. The sculptural effect is stunning and the taxonomy that results is uniquely his own.


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