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Elodie Blanchard: ElastiCo Creations

Posted on: Sunday, September 09, 2007

MESH BASKETS (rubber bands collection, 2002)

Elodie Blanchard's ElastiCo creations give new meaning to the idea of 'stretching your resources'. The Brooklyn-based Blanchard was born in France and studied fashion and sculpture at the Beaux Arts de Paris. Upon arriving in New York City in 2001 (without her trusty sewing machine), she cleverly started to work with unconventional fiber materials like rubber bands acquired at local 99-cent stores.

RUBBER BAND VASES (glass, resin, rubber bands; 24” height, 5” diameter)

Her previous experience designing for fashion, architecture, and special event projects, immediately made her ElastiCo creations an expansive fiber 'happening' full of play, humor, and sculptural wit.

LACE (Tokyo, Japan) A lacy structure made of colorful rubber bands. Commissioned for a textile exhibition.

A recently featured seller on Etsy, Elodie Blanchard is definitely one to watch out for when it comes to innovative high art/low art crossover.


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