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Tanvi Kant

Posted on: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Award-winning British jeweler and crafter Tanvi Kant fashions recycled fiber necklaces and bracelets from "unwanted, waste or used fabrics" sourced from her circle of family and friends. She has even repurposed textile strips from her mother’s saris and in turn combined the twisted tendrils and vines that result with organic porcelain forms. The artist believes that her creations allude to personal and collective histories while also subverting traditional notions of material value.

Included in the 2007 "Alchemy: Contemporary Jewellery from Britain" exhibit, Kant's work demonstrates how sustainable design can not only rekindle stories that we already know and love, but also concoct a synergy with forms that redefine beauty in the shape of something old, something new, and something true.

For more information, visit Tanvi Kant's website.


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