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Danny Mansmith's SCRAP Collection

Posted on: Monday, October 01, 2007

SCRAP freeform (large) pod bag, Danny Mansmith

Chicago-based textile artist, Danny Mansmith, is a total wizard with fabric that others might deem to be scrap or cast-away material.

Mansmith's latest SCRAP collection available on Etsy is uniquely hand-crafted and innovative in its clever use of recycled bits as narrative form. Mansmith's pieces are not only intricately and lovingly stitched (ala a "cheap" Woolworths sewing machine) but are also resourceful in their far-out use of swatches that might otherwise end up on the cutting room floor or in the refuse bin.

Danny Mansmith will be a "boys panelist" and guest speaker at the Contemporary Textiles in Illinois Symposium in Chicago on Sunday, November 4th, 2007. Be on the look out for more great creations from SCRAP and the allusive man behind the (sewing) machine.

SCRAP apron dress, Danny Mansmith

SCRAP silver bag, Danny Mansmith


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