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Signs of Life

Posted on: Monday, December 03, 2007

Ruth Lee's Squids

With my current focus on caring for our new twin baby boys and my subsequent maternal monitoring of subtle signs of life, I have a whole new appreciation for art forms that connect us (literally) to the fiber of the natural world. The work of the following two contemporary women artists really typifies the grace and the grit that constitutes the rich layering of organic build up and loss. British artist, Ruth Lee, and her ethereal fiber forms, and Vancouver-based artist and cancer-survivor, Patricia Chauncey, and her extreme textile sculptural pieces, anchor me in a way that very few textile pieces do. I view their works as resilient meditations in the floating field of life's beauty, scars, and snares.

Ruth Lee, fiber art

Ruth Lee, fiber art

Chauncey's recent exhibit at Numen Gallery in Vancouver

Patricia Chauncey's Inspirational Object Collection, 2007

Patricia Chauncey's Small Globes (without encrustation) on Mermaid Cloth, 2007

Webs of Intrigue: artist website/Ruth Lee
Material Witness: artist blog/Patricia Chauncey


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