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Virtual Garden Bits

Posted on: Sunday, November 25, 2007

As winter approaches one has to find increasingly innovative ways to keep the garden spirit alive through ad-hoc decorative installations and eco-friendly greenery experiments. Jamali Garden Supplies has some wonderful garden bits for the green thumbed craftsperson or artful arranger. I am thinking of simply laying the flocked moss cobbles out on the apartment floor until the first trickle of spring.

In No Time by Sandra Backlund

Posted on: Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ever wished that you could simply whip up a fabulous outfit for yourself, ‘in no time’, with ready made objects and reclaimed bits and pieces from your domestic lair? Swedish fashion designer, Sandra Backlund, is a wizard at sculpting hand-crafted garments that celebrate the everyday form in a most unusual and resourceful manner. Her latest, ‘In No Time Collection’, celebrates the best of sustainable risk-taking in design and fashion with a twist of haute-couture know how and DIY craftiness.

I recently wrote a post on Backlund for Inhabitat's Sustainable Style Sundays. You can read the entire piece here.

Greenmuseum 2008 Calendar

Posted on: Sunday, November 11, 2007
, the online environmental art museum, is launching its first ever calendar featuring eco-artists from its green archives and extensive online database. "Environmental Art 2008 Calendar: Contemporary Art in the Natural World", has been published in partnership with Amber Lotus Publishers.

The calendar will be available in major bookstores throughout the United States and in select stores internationally. A portion of sales will benefit You can also buy them inexpensively on

My artist listing on Greenmuseum is viewable at the following link.

Inhabitat for Inhabitots

Posted on: Saturday, November 03, 2007

My husband Ludmil and I are pleased to announce that our newborn twin boys, Jasper and Oliver, have created cause for celebration on Inhabitat's sustainable design weblog. Inhabitat is currently featuring the best and the greenest baby furniture, products, and accessories in their honor.

"While babies are the ultimate blessing, it’s important for parents to be careful consumers in order to surround your family with the healthiest, cleanest, and safest products. And obviously no-one wants to sacrifice style when it comes to kids clothes and furniture either. Fortunately you can have your (eco, allergy-free) cake, and eat it too - with a variety of beautiful new green modern design products for children."

's Inhabitot green baby coverage continues through the week of November 5, 2007.

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