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Pocket Utopia Ephemera Drift

Posted on: Saturday, May 31, 2008

site-specific fiber installation by Brece Honeycutt

The Pocket Utopia salon in Bushwick this past Wednesday was a provocative extension of the work currently on view in this artist-run, social space. The night's topic? Fiber, Ephemera, and Feminism. 

site-specific fiber installation by Brece Honeycutt

Artists Brece Honeycutt, Audra Wolowiec, and Graham Coreil-Allen were all on-site as was the gallery's founder and director, social space sculptor and collagist extraordinare, Austin Thomas. The conclusion from the group discussion? Feminism needn't be a dirty word, art folks, nor should well-heeled craft for that matter. Attendees seemed dead-set on breaking down the stereotypes associated with these labels of 'marginalized art-making' as well as the disparate conventions for positioning and marketing that are linked to them.

Mixed media drawings on lottery tickets by Audra Wolowiec

Pocket Utopia is sending out its tendrils in the cracked-pavement neighborhood of Bushwick. It's a grainy, pocket pearl of an oasis on the seas of art world turbulence and prejudice.


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