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Utopic Convergence

Posted on: Friday, June 20, 2008

'Better Home Mandala' (collage, 2005) by Austin Thomas

Four examples of artwork created by artists working in random locales. None of these women know about the other's work per se, but I find some of the similarities to be uncanny. Interestingly, several have independently met each other online, and in the case of Austin Thomas, Eve Mosher, and myself,  just met in person this spring after a year or more of e-mail exchanges. Patricia Chauncey is an extreme textile artist, creator of social (fiber) spaces, and a cancer survivor who lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. The power of the Internet and female intuition is utopic.

'Barnacle I Made' (mixed media, 2008) by  Patricia Chauncey

'Soma 1'  (detail, ink and graphite on trace with gel medium, 2006) by Eve Mosher 

The Oikos Project 6.19 (recycled materials and textiles, 2008) by Abigail Doan


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