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Celebrating SCRAP Independence

Posted on: Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wrapped Pfeiffer Centennial Corn Bin by Catherine Bouzide and Danny Mansmith

I am not exactly sure what it means to be a true patriot these days - but as we approach the upcoming holiday weekend, I cannot overlook the fact that we still turn to the heartland for evidence of what it means to be American - bound and tied to something honorable and familiar.

There is no better evidence of home grown patriotism, perhaps, than the attempt to resuscitate our endangered agricultural landscape and use of open space via subversive visual cues. Artists Catherine Bouzide and Danny Mansmith recently completed their collaborative Wrapped Pfeiffer Centennial Corn Bin installation piece as part of The Fields Project in Oregon, Illinois. I find this project to be rather timely and patriotic as we examine the role of corn, biofuel and erratic weather patterns in the future of our natural resources supply. 

The artists used recycled scrap fabrics and donated textiles from native Chicago thrift-stores as swaddling bandages for the corn storage bins. It's a poignant celebration of independence as we examine ways to make GOOD with what we already have and re-invest in the power of the communal effort and  barn raising.

Corn bin being wrapped at The Fields Project in Oregon, Illinois

Detail of Wrapped Pfieffer Centennial Corn Bin by Bouzide and Mansmith


Catherine Schwalbe said...

Hi Abigail,
Just looking at this again after many years.
I apologize for taking nearly 8 years to give you thanks.

Many thanks for your perspective on the collaboration with Danny. It remains one of my fondest works to date.

A toast to textiles in our lives.
Cathi Schwalbe (formerly Catherine Bouzide)

Abigail Doan said...

Thank you so very much, Cathi. I feel the same way for sure. Always connected, near and far.

Best wishes for all of your projects during 2016!

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