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MoMA avec Les Enfants

Posted on: Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oliver & Abby in front of 'Algues' screen at MoMA

Wunderkammer Collage at MoMA

My husband and I have been going on a 'Friday night date' almost every week for the fifteen years that we have known each other. Now that we have twins, we have two more sets of eyes to help us interpret art exhibitions at museums. Viewing art with children is a whole other thing - particularly as an artist. It is a bit less about 'how might I create something differently' and a bit more about 'how might I create something that has real resonance for my children and the world they will inherit'. It is a good challenge to have. One still gravitates towards that same shapes and forms, though.

Jasper & Ludmil viewing Wunderkammer at MoMA


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