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What the World Needs Now is a Good Housekeeper

Posted on: Sunday, June 14, 2009

What the World Needs Now is a Good Housekeeper, an ecological artist's field guide for how to approach a site, by artist Aviva Rahmani

'What the World Needs Now is a Good Housekeeper', is a simple, step by step illustrated guide to restoring environmentally degraded sites as an ecological art practice. In ten clear steps, internationally renowned artist Aviva Rahmani describes her approach and techniques for working with scientists and engineers to address environmental degradation and global warming.

This is a highly informative soft cover, spiral bound 8" x 8.5" book, making it easy for students, educators, artists and scholars to tuck into a pocket and tramp off, as, to a local dump site that needs the attention of a good "housekeeper."

You can purchase this publication via PayPal at this link.

$26 includes tax, shipping and handling

or send check or money order to:
Ghost Nets, P.O. Bx 484, VH, ME 04863
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*Book Cover image: "Bed of Nets," fishing drift nets on an iron bed. Lost fishing drift nets, called ghost nets, were the inspiration for Aviva Rahmani's Ghost Nets project, which transformed a coastal town dump site into flourishing wetlands habitat. Ghost nets can extend over many ocean miles. They are invisible, indestructible and continue to fish and destroy marine life for many years, just as the habits and routines we take for granted can destroy our own lives. Installation by Aviva Rahmani 1994.

* see also Aviva Rahmani 'Virtual Concerts on


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