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Helmet Liners for Soldiers in Afghanistan

Posted on: Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An amazing effort by my mother Abigail and her talented knitting friends in upstate New York. They recently completed over 300 helmet liners to be sent to U.S. soldiers based in Afghanistan.

Cheryl LaBar, the mother of a local Gilbertsville - Mount Upton High School graduate, contacted the group recently about her son's recent deployment to Afghanistan:

"I had never heard of anyone making or sending helmet liners before. It was so great to hear about this (initiative) and very generous of the knitters to be doing this to support our soldiers. I do not knit, but I would be willing to help with shipping expenses if you could send some of these liners to my son, Corporal LaBar Thomas, age 21, and his platoon. I think they would really appreciate the thoughtfulness and the comfort that the liners would give them. I am sure you have received many requests, but I thought that it wouldn't hurt to inquire. Thank you for your consideration."

Information on knitting patterns for helmet liners can be found here.


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