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Leonne Hendriksen's 'Drifting Swarm' Opens at L'Abbaye D'Alspach Elsace

Posted on: Saturday, May 01, 2010

'Drifting Swarm' Installation for L'Abbaye D'Alspach Elsace in France (all images courtesy of 2010 © Leonne Hendriksen)

Congratulations to artist and dear family friend, Leonne Hendriksen, for the opening of her site-specific installation, Nuage d'Essaim (Drifting Swarm) at L'Abbaye D'Alspach Elsace in France.

Hendriksen stated before her opening last evening that Drifting Swarm is a symbiotic dialogue between architecture, nature, and art. This latest project like installations past, serves as a meditation on the magical moments when death and life are intrinsically bound.

The swarm modules are crafted out of 'crystal' architect's paper (consistent with the region's history of paper processing). Each module is formed into the shape of a three-sided chrysalis (inspired by trefoil patterns) and are made out of four trapezoidal paper cuts sewn together. A layer of acrylic medium increases their translucent quality.

The seams are visible and are reminiscent of the ribs of plant leaves or the veins of pupae and insect wings. When four trapezoidal modules are grouped together on a flat surface, they mimic the stones that uphold the arches of the Abbaye's architecture.

By contrast, on the floor below, a huge oval shape made of grey paper waste from of the local DS Smith paper factory encircles the 'swarm'. This ellipse structure recalls the oval shape of an egg, as the "inert virtual project of life" - says the artist.

Premises of the DS Smith Kayersberg Paper Company

*Drifting Swarm is on view from 1-30 of May, though open only on weekends and public holidays. A review appears in this week's L' (in French).


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