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'Sound Constructs' (Re)Fashion Fiber

Posted on: Thursday, June 03, 2010

detail of Michelle Vitale Loughlin's knitted 'Towers 1-3' (photo by Abigail Doan)

Not to be missed in (Re)Fashioning Fiber's front gallery installation is the synthesized collaboration between artist Michelle Vitale Loughlin of Woolpunk Studios and Matt Pass, an innovative sound artist and composer based in Colorado.

The two initiated their 'Sound Constructs' collaborative projects in 2007 at the Object and Thought Gallery in Denver, with a two-part construct that involved attaching Loughlin’s piece, ARK, to an installation crafted by Pass out of recycled piano strings. Both components became interactive through the movement of Pass’s piano strings when played. Loughlin and Pass have continued to interweave sound and sculptural elements via a long distance dialogue and the resulting 'sound constructs' series - most recently exhibited in 'Natural Selections' at Greylock Arts in Adams, MA.

'Towers 1-3' nestled together (photo by Abigail Doan)

Tower Strings by Pass is the sound parallel to Towers 1-3 by Vitale Loughlin. Three 12-foot piano strings were strung and then played with wineglasses, mini fans piano hammers, and a French horn mouthpiece. The three set compilation eloquently articulates the movement, pull, and rhythm of Loughlin’s fibrous forms stitched to recycled tomato stands.

When visiting Green Spaces NY to see (Re)Fashioning Fiber, be sure to look for the i-pod that is available in the small 'suet cage' attached to the wall behind Towers 1-3. This will enable you to listen to the original soundscapes and be transported by the rhythms and possibilities of fiber and percussive elements.

Matt Pass is a singer sounder, sculpting aural spaces with voices, delays, filters, field findings, tubes, strings and springs, combining elements of chants, choral clustards, rubbing frequencies, ethniques and analog electronicisms.

Michelle Vitale Loughlin's 'Towers 1-3' at Greenspaces NY (photo by Michelle Vitale Loughlin)

You can also listen to 'Tower Strings' on Michelle Vitale Loughlin's blog. The artist's website is a must as well*WoolPunk Studios.


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