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String, Felt, Thread Decoded

Posted on: Tuesday, July 13, 2010

'Composition' by Sheila Hicks (wool on canvas)

A must read publication for decoding the life of fiber in contemporary art/craft processes and modern sculpture:

String, Felt, Thread and the Hierarchy of Art and Craft by Elissa Auther, published by the University of Minnesota Press (2009) and available in hardcover or paperback on

"String, Felt, Thread presents an unconventional history of the American art world, chronicling the advance of thread, rope, string, felt, and fabric from the “low” world of craft to the “high” world of art in the 1960s and 1970s and its open embrace by artists working today...What accounts for the distinction between art and craft? Why is it so pervasive, if largely unacknowledged, in the art world? What does it mean to elevate the status of a material?" - Elissa Auther

My studio visit with artist Brece Honeycutt yesterday yet again opened up our dialogue about the role of fiber in contemporary art and prejudiced ideas about the value of slow fashion, hand made, domestically cultivated (women's work) projects, and the historical associations tied to such undertakings.

Collaged inspiration wall in Brece Honeycutt's barn studio

Stay tuned for more photos of Brece's amazing rural studio and views into the possibilities for fiber as a viable medium in contemporary art practice and the contemplation of connections.


Abigail Thomas said...

half way through this book at the moment; its truly an essential.

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