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Project Highlight | Walking Libraries

Studio Visit with Brece Honeycutt

Posted on: Friday, July 16, 2010

It is always such a privilege to be invited into another artist's studio for a glimpse of what they are working on as well as experience the textures, hues, and objects that inspire their journey. Here is a sampling of images from my recent visit with sculptor Brece Honeycutt. Her 'under the mountain' studio is brimming with pulp and fiber bits of a symbiotic, homespun nature as well as small treasures from the woods and hillsides that nestle her home and studio barn. 
Ingredients such as these antique spools of colorful fibers as well as suspended wool fiber forms enliven the barn's interior with a web of warp and weft magic.
Poetry exists in every corner and linear statements illustrate the overlap of the natural and the (wo)man made. Brece has a way of making the historical seem so contemporary and tangible in form.

I particularly loved these illustrations of Hungarian folk costumes pinned to a beam in the barn.
Brece Honeycutt will be teaching knitting workshops and doing an artist talk at next week's Camp Pocket Utopia. You can learn more about her work here.


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