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New Textile Arts Center Opens in Brooklyn

Posted on: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weaving sample in progress (courtesy of Isa Rodrigues)

I was thrilled to finally visit the new Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn earlier this week. What a gorgeous workspace and well-thought out community initiative. Classes are already being taught in fiber and textile related projects, and the center's upcoming Fall 2010 programming will now include sustainable fashion and illustration classes. (Stay tuned for information on my Winter/Spring 2011 (Re)fashioning Fiber workshops).
How happy I was to see these colorful spools of fiber perched in the Textile Arts Center's weaving studio and gallery. Throngs of enthusiastic summer campers had just vacated the space after a day of warp and weft instruction.
It is promising to see (urban) opportunities where fiber might be better understood and shared with local citizens and budding artists/designers. The more that we have direct exposure to the methods and materials behind the textiles in our lives, the more likely we are to understand what being sustainable and environmentally-minded truly entails.

Embroidery image by Joetta Maue

Do not miss the Grand Opening of the Textile Arts Center on September 17, 2010. Embroidery artist Joetta Maue will be curating their first gallery exhibit. Read more about their Bags for the People workshop from 6 to 9pm on Thursday, July 22 as well.


New York Rugs said...

excellent post and beautiful images. What a phenomenal resource center this will be. keep up the great work, love the coverage

Anonymous said...
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Abigail Doan said...

Thanks, New York Rugs. So pleased that you are enjoying the coverage and my interest in textiles, fiber, and community building.

Best wishes,

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