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Global Intrigue II / International Triennial of Textile and Fibre Art in Riga

Posted on: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Many thanks to globetrotting friend and natural perfumer, Amanda Walker, for forwarding information on and photos of this gorgeous fiber and textile exhibition in Riga. 'GLOBAL INTRIGUE II / International Triennial of Textile and Fibre Art' in Latvia's capital looks to be an amazing tribute to contemporary textile and fiber experimentation.

The themes of the 2010 Triennial are outlined as follows, as per the description on their website:

"The main idea of GLOBAL INTRIGUE II was to develop further and extend the theme of the Triennial 2007, based on different aspects of globalization in connection with new problems and challenges in our contemporary world." 

How do artists manifest themselves in the period of the global crisis?
How does this affect artistic expression and creativity?
How do textile artists update their time in space/surroundings, materials and contemporary technologies?
How do innovations work in cross-cultural contacts and is there still a connection with traditions

The exhibition is remains on view through 5 September, 2010 at The Latvian National Museum's Arsensals Hall.

Safe travels, Amanda, and thank you for the wonderful photos above.


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