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Posted on: Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Collaboration and textile play with my toddler twins (November 2010)
Ruth Asawa in her San Francisco studio via Community of Creatives
'Bag It' studio on the go by Austin Thomas via Freespace

People often ask me how I get work done with three year old twins, and I would have to say that work gets done, but the process resembles nothing like the days prior to having children. Space and time are collapsed into some sort of jig-saw puzzle that miraculously gets pieced together throughout the day, although in no specific order. Sure I aim to keep a set schedule and run a tight ship, but the 'happenings' are so numerous, I feel more like a film editor who is marveling at random scraps on the floor that are delightfully out of sequence and literally underfoot.
The Oikos Project (2008) Abigail Doan

Fiber is a great medium for artists with families, and given that I prefer to work on projects in the outdoors, there is often opportunity for twining the two. For eye opening inspiration and ideas regarding creative practice and family life, do not miss Broodwork. It will make you feel as if everything and anything is possible, with just the right twist on things.


badmomgoodmom said...

I do know how Ruth Asawa did it, because I know her niece.

Lupus and diabetes were more of an impediment to her work than children. In fact, she worked very little as an artist and considered herself primarily a community activist for decades before returning to art.

Sophie Munns said...

wonderful to read this post Abigail!
3 year old twins... thats something...loved their work and your take on it all..!

Carrie said...

I just found your blog and I reckon it might be by new favourite! really interesting posts and beautiful work.

Daniela Cerri said...

All very magic!!! Kiss froma italy

Art Director Magazine DonnaPiùCREATIVA

bicocacolors said...

C'est magnifique!!!

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