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Cocoon Series in Progress

Posted on: Monday, January 10, 2011

crocheted organic wool, naturally dyed fiber, silk, and some raw LOVE

(photos by abigail doan)


sat said...

lovely. someway reminds me of your pastel? egg from years and years ago. your aesthetic has always been so clean and gorgeous.

Cathi Bouzide said...

Loving them... I just scrolled through your work the other day. It left me wanting.... to see them in person!

Miriam Sagan said...

This is so beautiful! Abigail, I've just added "textiles" as a category to my literary blog Miriam's Well ( I wopuld LOVE to reproduce some of what you are doing, if it is ok with you.

Abigail Doan said...

@sat: funny you should remember that pastel egg drawing. oddly that sensation has stayed with me regardless of age and experimentation. leaves one to believe that highschool art projects are quite informative ...

@cathi: thanks so very much. you are too kind. how wonderful would it be for us to finally cross paths and pow-wow. someday soon, hopefully!

@miriam: of course! re-post away. by the way, i anticipate being back in new mexico @ the land for a residency late this spring. perhaps we can meet up for a chat!

Miriam Sagan said...

Thank you--and would love to meet you!May be installinmg on the Land this April. Keep in touch!

Jane Moore Houghton said...

just discovered your work and blog - really love your work! Keep it up and I will follow your blog - thanks!

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