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Farzaneh Najafi's Poignant Environmental Message

Posted on: Friday, January 14, 2011

"I'd like you to know that snow does not fall in my country anymore"

Just this past week, I received these images with a message from the Iranian environmental artist and PhD design student, Farzaneh Najafi. She had created these poetic photos as part of a performance piece on environmental awareness and global warming, particularly in relation to the severe drought that has impacted her homeland of Iran. Farzenah is currently studying in Malaysia, hence the lush greenery that you can see in the background of these photos.

Artist Farzaneh Najafi sits in pantomined silence to draw attention to desertification in Iran and the threats of global warming

I applaud Farzaneh for her initiative to stage a non-violent act of protest and contemplation in reaction to the severity of climatic environmental crisis. This is yet another example of how we should be working collaboratively with our Iranian (artist) friends to build secure bridges for peace and long-term solutions that are essential for preserving the planet that we all share.

* all images courtesy of Farzaneh Najafi


b said...

Loving your pictures and the genuine and poignant way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!

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