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Horse Hair Weaving Projects by Marianne Kemp

Posted on: Monday, January 03, 2011

Handmade 'horse hair' brooches by Marianne Kemp
'Morro' wallpiece by Marianne Kemp

I recently received a lovely 2010 update from Dutch textile artist and designer, Marianne Kemp, and I wanted to share a few images from her latest designs and installation projects. I featured Marianne's work in June of 2009, and since then she has completed some amazing exhibitions and commissioned projects, all while also finding the time to travel to Mongolia to research her materials and unique craft.

Marianne weaves with small quantities of horse hair that comes from the tails of the weaker horses who are raised by local herders in Eastern Mongolia. They select only those horses who are not expected to make it through winter as sustenance for their families. The hair is typically used for utilitarian things such as rope, although Marianne has now introduced more contemporary decorative uses in her projects. The Mongolian women have really taking a liking to her work and who knows what shared sustainability initiatives are possible.

'Redhead' installation by Marianne Kemp
'Golden Ringlets' by Marianne Kemp

*visit Marianne Kemp's website to learn more


Carrie said...

They are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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