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Of Weeds and Wildness: Nature in Black & White

Posted on: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

image: Charles Steckler, Untitled (2009) ink on paper
January 13, 2011 to March 13, 2011
Of Weeds and Wildness: Nature in Black & White is a group exhibition featuring work by over a dozen artists including Louise Bourgeois, Lee Bontecou, Arnold Bittleman, Harold Edgerton, William Kentridge, Kiki Smith, and James Siena, among others. The show explores the subtle, nuanced, intriguing, and sometimes disquieting approaches to nature by these artists in their work: photographs, prints, drawings, and digital works without color.  Through a vast range of styles and approaches, the black and white works in this show explore thoughts and questions about the human relationship to the natural world and the myriad complexities of the human mind, while simultaneously revealing the richly expressive power of black and white imagery.
Curated by Sally Apfelbaum and Rachel Seligman
Artists include: Robert Adams, Desirée Alvarez, Arnold Bittleman, Lee Bontecou, Louise Bourgeois, Harold Edgerton, Robert Gober, William Kentridge, Hedya Klein, Danny Lyon, Abelardo Morell, Margaret Moulton, Michelle Segre, James Siena, Kiki Smith, Charles Steckler and Kate Temple.


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