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Second Skin by Agostina Zwilling

Posted on: Friday, March 04, 2011

'Second Skin' by Agostina Zwilling
(materials: tussah silk top, ramie top, hemp, flax, organic merino wool top)

As Agostina described so poetically in an e-mail to me: 

"My research focuses on the analysis of the relationship between the garment, as a second body, and its extension in space through the use of natural and organic materials. 

Dress that falls on deaf ears, the memory of an ephemeral body. Deprived of the function to cover and protect the body, it embodies the idea of an ephemeral body. A fall of non-bodies. In a light, which is surreal, the dress emerges from the darkness and shows its purity, reassuring and pleasant, relieving the suffering of this fall.

My research and my world is told around a thread, a thread which is able to unite (bind) women, men, history and the culture of time and space ... "

Learn more about Agostina Zwilling's work and her felting courses.


Lundy Leigh said...

I just discovered your work whilst doing research for my dissertation and I just have to say that I love your work. It's so beautiful and inspiring! Amber

Dominique K said...

Chaque fois que je passe sur votre page, je découvre une foule de créateurs et j'aime ce qui pulse sur votre page. Merci

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