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Summer Feature on Exhibiting Fashion

Posted on: Saturday, August 27, 2011

  Abigail Doan at The Land/an art site in New Mexico
 handmade paper, vegetation, and sun-powered lighting

I was thrilled to have this mention on Exhibiting Fashion earlier this summer. Sarah Scaturro, textile conservator, curator, and creator of Exhibiting Fashion wrote the following:

"Doan is at the forefront of the revived slow fashion and textile movement, tackling the issue on several fronts. Her exquisite art meditates on reestablishing the connection of the body and soul to the environment. She is also beloved for her constant encouragement and championing of smaller designers and artists through her writings, events and exhibitions that she organizes."

Exhibiting Fashion is definitely a tremendous resource in my ongoing investigation of ideas related to fashioning self and the environment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Abigail, really love your blog! Do you know mine about sustainable fashion/design and lifestyle? It's called Strawberry Earth. Bye!

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