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Fashion Weeks Come And Go

Posted on: Wednesday, September 14, 2011

As mentioned in my previous post, I did not return to New York City for (sustainable) fashion week at the start of September due to travel to Eastern Bulgaria and the Turkish border. News of fiber and textile expressions showcased during fashion week have already circled 'round the globe and will surely generate sustained dialogue about the role of handcrafting and slow fashion methodologies on the fashion landscape.

Some of my favorite finds from the NYFW shows can be found on my blog, Ecco*Eco, as well as my visual journal, Lost in Fiber.

Poster for Yield with dress by Caroline Priebe of Uluru

Installation view of Yield: Making Fashion Without Making Waste
(photo courtesy of the Textile Arts Center)

When back in the NYC for a visit later this fall, I definitely plan to see the zero-waste fashion exhibit, Yield: Making Fashion Without Making Wastewhich opened last Friday with a private viewing at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn. Amy DuFault of EcoSalon did a fantastic review on the timely mission and thoughtful curation of the show.

Another outstanding show which opened during fashion week is Principles of Design: Pratt Fashion Alumni curated by Sarah Scaturro of Fashion Projects and Exhibiting Fashion. Read the review by Jennifer Barckley of Organic Girly on assignment for EcoSalon.

Stay tuned for information on two more art / fashion related exhibitions that I will be reviewing during my time in NYC later this fall.


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