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Plarning A Better Future

Posted on: Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Despite the temptations to return to New York City for fashion week and other celebrations that officially launch today, I have decided to remain in Eastern Europe and Italy throughout the month of September (and into the fall) as I initiate new art projects and do a bit travel.

Historic building in Malko Turnovo, Bulgaria

A handcraft collaboration that I am particularly excited about is my small-scale project with local Tsigani ("Roma") women in Eastern Bulgaria who are recycling and twining plastic shopping bags into "plarn". This very simple and resourceful technique of turning discarded plastic into skeins of fiber is a great way for a non-biodegradable material to stay out of the region's pristine landscapes and village streets while also providing income for women who are currently unemployed in this region of Bulgaria. 

I have commissioned my first delivery of plarn by the meter, and I will drive to the rural corner of Southeast corner of Bulgaria tomorrow evening to pick it up and stay for the weekend. This material will be used in new fiber forms that I am creating for exhibitions during 2012. While others are celebrating Fashion's Night Out in cities all over the globe on September 8th, I will be staring up at the night sky in Malko Turnovo dreaming of 'plarning a better future' for  talented women and artisans everywhere.

Stay tuned for more photos and updates on this new collaborative project.


material witness said...

Can't wait to see what percolates.

elisvermeulen said...

Looking forward to hearing more about it Abigail.

a.m. said...

this sounds so cool! excited to see the project :)

Abigail Doan said...

Thanks, everyone. The three of you inspire me in such diverse ways. Happy to have your support and words of encouragement. Preview photos to come! A.D.

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