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Beyond the Horizon Opens at Ecoartspace

Posted on: Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Jason Middlebrook, Inspired by the Countless Trips from My House to my Studio, 2008

Do not miss the opening of Beyond the Horizon 
at ecoartspace, 53 Mercer Street, NYC

Curator, Amy Lipton 
Reception: Sunday October 9, from 3 to 6pm
Open by appointment only through November

From the review by Brandon Keim on WIRED Science"Of all the sciences, ecology asks most directly how humanity understands and participates in life. If the answers have ever been clear, they're certainly not now ... There's plenty of destruction and degradation, but the works are not simply about that. There's also resilience and vigor, an awareness of history and of humanity's extraordinary power to shape our environments – controlling nature, but never quite completely."

Artists: George Boorujy, Peter Edlund, Joy Garnett,  Eve Andree Laramee, Sarah McCoubreyJason Middlebrook, Aviva Rahmani, Lisa Sanditz, Charlotte Schulz, Sarah Trigg, and Marion Wilson.


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