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Plarn + Recycled Lace Fiber Forms (In Progress)

Posted on: Friday, November 18, 2011

Here are a few early stage examples of the recycled fiber forms that I am creating (to be exhibited in conjunction with older work) for VOGUE Knitting Live in January 2012. The recycled plastic bag yarn, or 'plarn' has been very colorful and sculptural to work with.

 Plarn and naturally dyed yarn detail

The graffiti-laden streets of Sofia offered a vibrant backdrop when I took several works out for a walk around the neighborhood today. I do this sometimes in order to provide an injection of hue and texture when I am making something over an extended period of time in the studio.

(photos by Abigail Doan)


Erin said...

I had never heard of a term "plarn"!
the texture, colours.. this work in progress look so interesting and gorgeous already!

Abigail Doan said...

Thanks so much for your feedback and encouragement, Erin. You are too kind! Stay tuned for more updates and links to further coverage prior to VOGUE Knitting Live in January 2012. Best wishes ~ Abigail

Henna said...

Plarn. I assume if its used enough it wil be put in the dictionary.
Any way really love how weave based this sort of work is. Do you have any close up shots of it? Really nice clean macro shots?
Makes me think back to my at the moment interest in weave.
Technically speaking you can weave with lots of things right?
Plastic being one of the green options.

Jonah said...

Lovely work. The past few years I've been researching ways to make my art more natural. I already use many up-cycled materials in my art work. I think you may like my art work so if you get some time please check out my blog page at:

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