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Cabin Fever Visuals

Posted on: Saturday, February 18, 2012

Color Study 01 on graph paper by J&O

It has been extremely cold here in Sofia for what seems like weeks. A high of 15F each day is not the most fun with twin four year olds who are also trying to get to preschool each morning. Add to this the lovely flu that has been circulating around Bulgaria, and well, you have the perfect conditions for full-blown cabin fever. Curiously, I noticed this morning how much the twins' drawings were starting to look like some of the research materials in my work space – or perhaps I am imagining things? You be the judge.

Traditional Serbian textiles (hats)
Color Study 02 on graph paper by J&O
Traditional Serbian textiles (tunic/robe)
Color Study 03 on graph paper by J&O

(all photos by Abigail Doan)


Henna said...

OO! Yes i think I have to agree, colour wise and some of the shapesk idn of match ones form the authentic fabric. :D

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