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Variations on a Clothesline

Posted on: Friday, April 27, 2012

Bulgarian embroidery plates and flowering cacti = bliss

Life in Eastern Europe is in many ways 'sustainable by nature'. Folks here are accustomed to doing more with less and conserving materials that are both affordable and readily findable. Plots cultivated in one's backyard, in small patches of green adjacent to the blocs, or on one's winterized terrace illustrate this tendency without a whole lot of self congratulation or praise.
Research and works in progress begin to mesh = life

I am in love with the small terrace beyond my kitchen window and the projects that I see my neighbors cultivating each day. There is no real eco-agenda besides a history of self-sufficiency and the need to use basic resources wisely throughout all seasons of the year.

Variations on a Clothesline #02 (Sofia, Bulgaria) = nature/domestic

I have started moving my studio work outside – now that the weather is warmer here in Sofia, and each day I reposition things on my small work table with the clothesline overhead. My wish is to craft and build things in the same manner that works with the spirit of the place – without pretensions or foreign intrusions in the fabric of life here.


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