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Project Highlight | Walking Libraries

Balmaseda Hand-Spun Fabric Bundle

Posted on: Friday, June 22, 2012

Hand-spun fiber from recycled fabric scraps gathered from designer studios
and production floors across New York City and Brooklyn (photo: Abigail Doan)

Such a treat to spend some quality time with Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmaseda of BALMASEDA in NYC yesterday. After over a year of communicating virtually and sharing our love for the myriad ways that fiber might resourcefully be celebrated in art and fashion, we sat down for a delicious meal at ABC Kitchen downtown.

Zaida holds her hand-spun bundle of pure textile goodness

How lucky was I to receive this blissful bundle of hand-spun recycled fiber scraps (beautifully labeled) from Zaida's studio? The hues are amazing, and it is so happy in my own studio amidst my fiber forms and other vintage textile bits that I have accumulated over the years.

BALMASEDA will be presenting some of their latest creations at The Green Fashion Bazaar on July 15 during Amsterdam Fashion Week. You can follow their news and event announcements on Facebook and Twitter

I previously featured BALMASEDA in this article for EcoSalon, 'Plying A More Fashionable Fiber Frontier'.


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