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Mapping Paradigms and Modern Connectivity

Posted on: Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mappa Mundi c.1420 by Genoese cartographer, Pietro Vesconte

It is interesting how as time passes here in Bulgaria, folks rightfully want to know when I am finally returning home. Even though I understand the strong pull towards reconnecting with friends and family in the U.S., I am also struck by a new understanding of what it means to be rooted to a place or simply the beloved net of a community. Ironically, some of the individuals who I often feel the closest to each day are virtual friends who I share images and links with via social media – as proof perhaps that our collective aesthetic transcends artificial (geographic) boundaries and even cultural/religious differences.

Portolan of the Eastern Mediterranean c. 1311, Pietro Vesconte

Do not misunderstand. I am a big believer in being rooted to a (home) place with sustained community involvement. But I am also increasingly aware of the seduction that comes from mapping out new paradigms for creative social connectivity.

Desert Roving, 2005 (Abigail Doan)

What on Earth does the roving and spinning of the future look like? I genuinely believe that loose drifting allows us to explore complex paradigms for detecting, becoming entangled in, and cultivating new relationships. When thoughtfully charted, these far flung personal maps also allow us to stretch right over those boundaries that we might previously have feared.

Fibra 01, 2006 (Abigail Doan)

Connectivity is a state of mind – not a specific place or a returning point really. It is the sense of adventure that comes from launching into new territory and recognizing those things that resonate and perhaps float to the surface in a vast sea of information and virtual wondering.


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