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Deep in the Folds of Fete for the Senses

Posted on: Friday, November 23, 2012

Fiber form in progress incorporating recycled fiber + dried vegetation 
from rural Bulgaria and BALMASEDA’s scrap textile hand spun

Things might seem rather quiet on the blog but this is because I am busy with hands-on preparations and final details for Fete for the Senses in December.

The intention of this upcoming openhouse is to show ways that art making and fashion + home styling, can and should have dynamically creative intersections and overlays.

EKO-LAB's Dark Blossom collection demonstrates a genuine
commitment to an organic process and sustainable materials

It seems strange to me that fashion as a design discipline or vehicle of expression is still viewed as something created for the body alone. Seasonal garments and styling choices are as integral to creating a sustainable strategy as recycling or thoughtful purchasing decisions.

Marion & Willson's new Mayan textile inspired home collection 

Our showcase will include installations in separate zones of an urban residence. This will include the dining room, the entrance foyer, the living room, and the bedroom. Featured work will aim to highlight what is special about these pockets of space and how they might also demonstrate a certain closeness with nature via intimate, multi-sensory experiences. 

The making of an ALVEOLO rectángulo tunic top at BALMADESA

Specific attention will be paid to how the objects that we populate our lives with have lasting value and resonance with our modern habits and the materials we collect. The unifying force through all of this will be the senses and how their (re) enlivenment and enrichment might aid in the development of lasting environmental awareness and action.

Sassa Björg featured in Vogue Italia 
(photo by Zlatimir Arakliev)

Abigail Doan, BalmasedaEko-LabMarion & WillsonSassa Björg will join forces and threads for Fete for the Senses. Items from the featured designer collections will also be available for purchase. Please e-mail for further details.


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