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Fete for the Senses is Coming

Posted on: Friday, November 09, 2012

Recycled textile scraps from Sassa Björg studio in Sofia, Bulgaria

I am not quite sure how it got to be the middle of November already, but this is also exciting for me as it means that an upcoming open house /studio event that I am organizing is now less than one month away.

join forces and threads for Fete for the Senses

I will be back in NYC in December and during this time I will be sharing old and new fiber projects as well as the handmade creations of some like-minded friends. 

Stitching on Balmaseda's organically-crafted 'Tafoni Cape/Skirt' 

Details for Fete for the Senses are to come, but for now, save December 9 and the days following as a multi-sensory occasion to lift your spirits and celebrate the goodness of natural, historic, and tactile materials.


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