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Rootedness and Taking Flight

Posted on: Monday, December 03, 2012

The view from my terrace in Sofia on December 1

It is interesting to be immersed in one place for a sustained period of time – far from the daily routines of what feels familiar. One of the things that I love about living in Bulgaria is the resourcefulness that I sometimes have to use to locate materials that I want to work with. 

I am always thinking about how what I have access to and what I am longing for informs my latest projects. A moment out on the terrace overlooking tin rooftops might suggest the introduction of a new hue. The unraveling of a knitted sweater or textile find from the local market might provide the key to what a specific fiber form is mysteriously needing.

A table top in the morning light might become the ideal backdrop for a new dialogue.

I am often faced with the question of how one transports these sensations and textures for a traveling exhibition or a place-based project. The raw essence of these unique moments needs to be dissected, delicately packed for transport, and then exposed in the light and atmosphere of a workspace elsewhere. For me, this is quite different from the issue of how to ship or transport artwork. It is more a matter of how one transfers the power of rootedness to a foreign environ. How do you position your pieces to take flight in a new context while still honoring the source and authenticity of what inspired their very creation?


wanda miller said...

this does not answer your question near the end of your post...but, i too started out with little or nothing...taking apart garments, sweaters and everything i could get my hands on. when meeting challenges like these and yours, you become so creative and the windows and doors fly WIDE OPEN. Love your blog!

Henna said...

That last questions is a good one - I think I might be struggling with it at the moment in my own work since it has changed from 1st year at university. I've been trying simply nailing my fabric paintings to a wall in ways that let the fabric curl over and ripple and almost move about - unsure about it though, probably need to work with it more.
What is that shell thing in your photos, next to the roll of string stuff? It looks really interesting, especially with the stud like pattern on it.

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