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Personal Geometry

Posted on: Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"We do not know if these fantastic clothes are the barbaric fruit of a culture distant in time and space, or the prophecy of a possible future. We do not know if Nick Cave comes from afar or if he sees far. We certainly know that through him, through his works, we meet the Other, and nothing is more fatiguing than this." 

Marco Meneguzzo regarding Nick Cave's Meet Me At The Center of the Earth at Studio la Città in April 2010

The time has come when the borders between art, fashion, installation, and performance might have dissolved enough to finally connect us with 'the other' or at least a personal geometry whose dimensions seem more real.

'Home Stills' series / photo by Bastienne Schmidt

It takes effort to examine all of the materials that are woven into our lives and the textures that we know to be familiar. Sometimes even the domestic realm seems exotic when one is adopting new methods and resourceful practices.

'Home Stills' series / photo by Bastienne Schmidt

This is where I have arrived. A chapter where geometry includes the inside/outside as well as the role of the other in my creations. A study of the fruits and tools of a culture that is nostalgic for the fantastic moments of the past and weary of the barbaric states of the future. Fashion, in this instance, is not a luxury but rather a performance ritual that reminds us of the home that is at 'the center of the earth' – regardless of how we navigate the course.


rachel said...

I saw the Nick Cave exhibition in Austin, TX in December. I'll admit I was a little disappointed that it wasn't THE Nick Cave after all, but I still enjoyed the playfulness and intensity of the pieces. My son was with me, and though he was mostly overwhelmed by the towering (if somewhat scary) figures, he enjoyed identifying bits and pieces of the costumes that were familiar to him. The fabric of our lives, indeed.

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