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Tethered to Ideas

Posted on: Saturday, March 02, 2013

Shimenawa (literally "enclosing rope") are lengths of braided rice straw rope 
used for ritual purification in the Shinto religion

Sometimes I feel as if I am tethered to ideas that I just cannot let go of. Whether as links to the past or creative concepts that I have yet to pursue, I am a bit stubborn about holding on to something once I deem it worthy of investigation and possible inclusion in a project.

There comes a point, though, when a long queue of ideas seems to almost hinder any process. This happens sometimes when I am working with fiber and recycled materials that really have a life (history) of their own and properties that want to dictate a certain outcome. 

I often feel as if I am navigating between what seems intriguing conceptually and what really needs to get made. One's ideas and intentions might be good ones, but this does not always translate into work that is vital or transformative.

I guess that this is why collecting images (via Tumblr and other social media platforms) is often useful. It provides a realm where you propose certain combinations and fantasize about the outcomes via juxtapositions that are hypothetical. It is intuitive without really being conclusive. It is the opposite of being tethered to an idea or even a goal.

Linari (2006) site specific project in Italy (photo credit: Abigail Doan)

With so much information swirling around us these days, it seems that the ability to navigate freely (and even equip ourselves with the right tools) is a good way to define just how much slack is needed to organically craft certain outcomes and projects that link us to freedom.


Sweetpea said...

This post is so timely, Abigail, and right along with my own thinking about *process.* Just two days ago I wrote a post with a similar sentiment about researching/collecting images on the internet. It is so powerful, this tool ! I especially loved your words, "It is intuitive without really being conclusive. It is the opposite of being tethered to an idea or even a goal." BRILLIANT.

Very, very good to know there are others with this similar bent towards looking. I loved this post.

Abigail Doan said...

Thank you so very much, 'Sweetpea'. I am thrilled that some of these ideas resonated with you. I will go and read your post immediately. I really appreciate the feedback and mutual idea sharing.

All my very best ~ A.

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