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Project Highlight | Walking Libraries

Complex Networks + Good Design Soil

Posted on: Monday, April 29, 2013

Dutzi Design's new mesh bags / ethically made in Mexico

Sometimes I feel as if my good fortune is going to run out. I am inundated with so much creative intrigue and design inspiration all of the time, that again, I feel guilty about being consumed by all of this beauty and re-appropriation.

My activist self encourages me to get real and dig into some of the unspeakable tragedies that are unfolding all around us. Tugging at the (vanity) tassels that we adorn ourselves with in the act of trying to put on a good show.

Complex networks and dirty rich soil keep me grounded and rooted in a reality that is both optimistic and artistically sober. I could go off the deep end more often (to explore) but how would I function and cultivate what I need to?

Holding it all together (image via Coastal Residence)

I remind myself to keep focused on both the grit and the shimmer – blended together in an earth-mix that reminds me of why these things cannot and should not be separated out. 

In the process, I keep my eyes and ears open for signs that link it all together. If you start with good soil and materials, the rest should follow. This is the inherent luxury of our time.


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